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Then and Now: The Dulcimer Evolves

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

There are two main characters in Pluck; one is David Schnaufer, the other is the mountain dulcimer. If the dulcimer or traditional music is new to you, this post is for you.

What's the big deal? you may ask. Well, let's take a quick look at how this intriguing instrument and its players changed over time. Pluck is a history of what happened in between.

Here's Kentucky's "Uncle Ed" Thomas, who makes a brief but important appearance early in Pluck.

James Edward Thomas (1850-1933)

And here's the great Sam Edelston in 2020.

Experience the joy of Sam's extraordinary playing on his website here and on Facebook here.

Ivan Doroshuk, founder and lead singer of Men Without Hats posted Sam playing here ("You can safety dance on a dulcimer if you want to!")

See Uncle Ed's genealogy page here

If you're into antiques, see selected dulcimers Uncle Ed Thomas made in Berea College's collection here.

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