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A *very* Nice Surprise ...

... popped into my mailbox, thanks to dulcimer maestro Tull Glazener.

I have been on a summer hiatus from this blog, but what arrived today was worth breaking that hiatus.

Every September, Tull provides a blogging tip of the hat to David Schnaufer with Tull's arrangement of a piece of David's music. In addition to the tab for David's gentle and original song, "I Will, Too", for this September he has included a video of David performing his song on Nashville Public Television just a year after arriving in Music City. It is rare and wonderful. You'll have to scroll to about the one minute mark to see it.

If you are a dulcimer player, visit Tull's website to see the tab he has arranged for you here. Drop him a line to thank him for his willingness to share David's genius with the world. I know I appreciated it!

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