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Merry Christmas from David

Thanks to Jack Masters and Vanderbilt University/Special Collections and Archives, take a listen to this track to mark today, Christmas Day. This is one of the earliest recordings to come my way of David playing; the first half of the track is unknown to me and I hope someone who listens to it may recognize it and drop me a line with the title. In the second half you'll hear David play "Greensleeves" aka "What Child Is This?"

"Greensleeves" is the song that David played for Hank Tilbury and his friend shortly after arriving in Nashville during an impromptu visit in David's apartment; you'll find that story in Pluck.

Certainly the Webb telescope launch into outer space this morning is a miracle as will be the first-ever images it sends back to earth over the next ten years. Given his love for astronomy, I think David would have been thrilled.

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