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Hey Little Birdie, 2022 Redux

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

In a recent blog post on a different topic, I shared a video of two of David's young students/collaborators performing "Hey Little Birdie" in 2003 at the Villager in Hillsboro (Nashville): Steven Stubblefield and Tim Bryan. You can read more about them in Pluck. And if you haven't seen that post, take a peek before you watch the video below.

Just to show you what a wonderful joyride this project has been, this Sunday I have another "Hey Little Birdie" for you. Steven Stubblefield came to the farm for a visit two days ago, and after a whole bunch of wonderful conversation, did an impromptu performance of the song in our kitchen. To make it even more special, he picked up the 2006 Schnaufer model McSpadden dulcimer that graces the cover of Pluck to do it.

I had only heard Steven perform via YouTube prior to Friday. He knocked our socks off with his playing, and, in good dulcimer tradition, inspired. If you've ever seen David Schnaufer perform, you'll see echoes of him in Steven's playing if you look closely: everything from the dulcimer tilt to the dynamics; the way Steven's fingering of the fretboard reveals glimpses of David's is interwoven within Steven's own style. It was magical and mesmerizing; I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


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