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Pluck Chronology Part 2: Crossing Thresholds

1959-60 L to R: Shirley Collins, Jean Ritchie and Alan Lomax in NYC. Courtesy of Anna Lomax Chairetakis Wood/Association for Cultural Equity.

1960: Folk Revival begins. Jean Ritchie introduces Richard Fariña to the dulcimer./Nancy Johnson (later, Nancy Barker) gets her first dulcimer as a gift.

1962: John Lomax III grows his music education outside of school and his writing skills in school. He graduates high school and enrolls in University of Texas.

1964: Having music in common, school boys John Macrini and David become friends in La Marque Texas./David’s brother Dennis leaves home for college.

Richard and Mimi Farina Call of a Dulcimer Rebel

1965: Fariña asks for the 6 1/2 fret on the dulcimer./Lynn McSpadden begins selling dulcimers part-time.

1966: Robert Force discovers the dulcimer./Vince Farsetta gets his first guitar./Fariña goes for a fateful ride.

1967: John Lomax III graduates college, starts his music journalism career./Fifteen-year old David rides the waves in Galveston Bay, and works part-time in a job with long-term implications for him.

Abbie Hoffman

1968: Rebellion in the air in the Schnaufer home and the country./John Lomax III sees Townes Van Zandt perform for the first time in Austin./David’s accident./Dennis discovers new perspectives in seminary school and begins using his middle name, Eric./Johnny Cash integrates the generations and embraces new genres on his show by inviting Joni Mitchell to play her dulcimer for millions.

1969: A devastating loss of a new kind for David.

1970: Eric graduates seminary./Another devastating life change for David./Neal Hellman discovers the dulcimer./Aspiring songwriter Herb McCullough follows his dream to Nashville./The second Dulcimer Boom unrolls on both coasts.

Photo: Richard O. Barry from San Diego, California, United States, Abbie Hoffman / CC BY 2.0


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