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David and T-Roy and Loretta

Another person who helped with the research for Pluck is Texan singer/songwriter Loretta Callens; I first wrote about her last December. She and I have kept up a correspondence, and I want to share another link to David Schnaufer that she sent. Loretta wrote:

I took my dulcimer to song circle Friday and was telling them about your book and David. A fellow musician, T-Roy Miller, got the biggest smile I've ever seen him make. He said he had seen David play in Mineola, TX at John Defoores Music Institute when a kid. T-Roy told me his parents made him go that night and he thought he would be bored out of his mind. Instead it was one of the most memorable nights of his life. Find a picture of T-Roy and David from that evening attached. T-Roy sent this comment with the pic "If I look awestruck in the photo it’s because I was. The dude was amazing."

David Schnaufer, T-Roy Miller
A young T-Roy Miller looks shyly over at visitor David Schnaufer in Mineola Texas. Photo courtesy of T-Roy Miller; special thanks to Loretta Callens.

T-Roy is an extremely talented guitarist and songwriter. He has been a music host in Luckenbach for several years [but is moving to East Texas.] I'm so excited because T-Roy is going to be performing with me. After song circle we always thank him for letting us play with him, Lol. He just blushes, tucks his head and grins. A quiet and beautiful soul he is. T-Roy plays dulcimer too so I may have a teacher!

Loretta sent this first video below to me last December, and the second just recently. I hope you enjoy T-Roy's playing as much as I do.

When you get a moment, visit T-Roy's website. While you are there, look at the second photo of him on the webpage...who does he remind you of there?!

Visit Loretta Callens's webpage to explore her music; look for her instrumental, "Wings Unopened" with Gordon McLeod and Milo Deering. She is about to release another she wrote instrumental, "Heartache Ahead", performed by Gordon McLeod.

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