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Happy Holidays!

As many people know, David had a fan club for a time that started when he was working with John Lomax as his manager. Each fan club newsletter included some tab for the members, and so I'd like to share David's arrangement of Greensleeves for you since it is played both a Christmas song and as a beautiful classical piece for any time of the year. Tab shared with me by Claire S. and used with permission of Eric Schnaufer. Download the file below.

If you have copies of David's fan club newsletters and are willing to share them with me, I am collecting them for the Schnaufer Archive at Vanderbilt University. Thank you!

Mountain dulcimer Christmas ornament
Handmade dulcimer ornament crafted by Nancy Seifert

Wishing all the readers of this blog a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Felices Posadas Navideñas, and and lots of good music in the coming year to fill your hearts and souls. As David said, play for peace!

Greensleeves Arr. David Schnaufer w permission
Download PDF • 3.25MB


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