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Good-Spooky Stories

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Both in David's life as well as during the writing of this project, occasional events took place that were interesting in a "good-spooky" way. Several people I know seemed intrigued by these events as much as I was, so I decided to share a few stories for this Blog under the category "The Orphic Side of Pluck". Orphic in Greek mythology is an adjective that refers to Orpheus, but I'm using its other meaning in this context, i.e., Capable of casting a charm or spell; entrancing; something mystic or mysterious.

This first story reveals an unexpected connection across space and time between David and, in this case, a PBS television show host some fifteen years after David passed away.

America’s Forests is hosted by Host Chuck Leavell who not only is a conservationist tree farmer, but--get this--an acclaimed rock-and-roll piano player who has often toured with the Rolling Stones. John Lomax III sent me an email the other day asking for contact information for the co-producer of Tennessee Music Box Dulcimer Solos, the album that David and Jim Sales recorded in 1996. America’s Forests wanted to use several tracks from the CD to accompany an upcoming episode about the Ozark forests.

Given that the Rolling Stones had a significant influence on David as a teen, I suspect he would be absolutely delighted that Leavell would be looking to use his music that he produced and performed on the Tennessee music box, an instrument that, in great part, he is responsible for saving from oblivion.

Watch for the episode on PBS, and enjoy the deeply profound sounds of the Tennessee Music Box.

Click below to access the American Forests website

And if you have a little orphic story of about David that you would like to share, drop me a note on the contact page. Some are included in Pluck; the rest that didn't make it due to space limitations in the book will be posted from time to time on this Blog.

Photo above used with permission of American Forests producer Bruce Ward

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