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Dulcimer Boom Inspiration: Highwoods String Band

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I've already began writing about some early influences on David's development as a musician starting with Jean Ritchie. Another early influence is one that was brand new to me before the research: The Highwoods String Band.

The story that unfolded fascinated me on a number of levels: their music is crazy fun and energizing, their engaging stage presence infectious, and the Highwoods appearance in the story is a good example of the first of many startling coincidences in David Schnaufer's life that made me think that there was some kind of unseen hand moving people into place to ensure the music and friendships got made and would stick. You can read the details of the music and those important friendships in Pluck.

In the mean time, I am glad for the opportunity to point you to Larry Edelman's delightful documentary, Dance All Night: The Highwood String Bands Story so you can see and listen to the magic yourself.

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