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David Schnaufer & the Barlow Knife

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

According to his life-long friend Jack Masters, one of David Schnaufer's favorite songs was the fiddle

tune, Barlow Knife.

Edith Schnaufer
David Schnaufer's mother Edith in 1954. All photos courtesy of Eric Schnaufer.

David told Jack that the reason he liked to play Barlow Knife was that it always made him think of his mother; she had gifted him a little pocket knife when he was small.

The term Barlow refers to a type of folding pocket knife, inspiration for the tune widely associated with Southern music. You can learn more about the history and features of the tune at the Traditional Tune Archive.

To learn more on the Barlow Knife itself, click Barlow Knife.

Listen to Stephanie Coleman and Nora Brown play Barlow Knife on fiddle and banjo.

Listen to the amazing Bing Futch teach "Barlow Knife" for dulcimer players on his YouTube channel, Dulcimerica, episode 410.

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