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Alan Lomax and Jean Ritchie

If you've never heard of the Lomax family, you're in for a world of discovery and wonder as was I when I started this project. But, I get ahead of myself here; there will be plenty about the Lomax connections with David Schnaufer in future blog posts.

For now, take a look at this very traditional dulcimer rendition of "My Dear Companion" that Jean plays for Alan Lomax in the mid-forties. Before David Schnaufer arrived in Nashville in 1984, if someone said "Appalachian dulcimer" to studio musicians, they likely envisioned someone playing like Jean does in the video below. Beautiful, isn't it? Quaint, and beautiful.

A side note: The first time I heard "My dear companion" was on the Trio album by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt back in 1987. I knew nothing then about David Schnaufer, Alan Lomax, the Schnaufer connections to the Lomax family, or that those three angelic singers would eventually have their own connections with David Schnaufer's life. Learning about all of it has been a fun journey, the results of which are told in Pluck and will be shared in future blog posts.

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