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A little "good-spooky" story

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

I know how this is going to sound. I just want you to know that I swear it happened.

I was in the middle of some serious burnout. So, that morning when I finally finished the manuscript and was ready to send it off to the proofreader, I was sitting at my desk. I glanced at a chair across from the desk, then to Joni Bishop's portrait of David hanging across from the desk, to a dulcimer made in Texas leaning against the wall. Suddenly, as clear as a bell a voice in my head said, "It's finished!" and, at that same moment, I heard the clear sound of a string pluck on that dulcimer. I didn't imagine it. I heard it.

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Whoa...I think spooky-good things are around us all the time...we just have to "tune" in to them. 😁 Funny, but I meant it!

Linda Paulus
Linda Paulus

Cindy, yes, there are an unusal number of them related to this project. And they keep happening. Remind me to tell you the one about the dulcimer on the Pluck cover. And about Al.

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